HIP Gallery

Managed by The Creative and Cultural Company from our HIP Gallery in Princes Quay Hull (UK City of Culture). Venues in this city based festival include the Hull International Photography Gallery, St Mary’s Church, Hull Central Library, Hull Western Library, Bransholme Library, Kardomah94, HSAD & the decks of Princes Quay Shopping Centre.


HIP Photography Festival is an annual event where the cultural importance of photography is recognised. A celebration of a physical art form, but one which is globally and digitally accessible. An event where professionals come to exhibit, network, sell work, exchange ideas, and meet contacts. But also as an opportunity for the newly qualified, amateur & emerging photographer of any age & ability to immerse themselves in the world of photography, find information, gain support, share their passion and showcase their work alongside the best in the world, to a global network of photographers, peers, curators, editors, agents, photo enthusiasts and the visiting public.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice should be informative but creative. Always remain educational and informative. When talking about a piece of art or an exhibit, always reference the artist, and it’s origin. Keep it light-hearted and playful. Always encourage questions and answer any questions asked. Never let language get in the way of the overall message.




Social Media

Our social media audience are international. Ages range from 18 to 60+ but social media will focus on the younger audience.


Use appropriate hashtags when posting content and engage in relevant and up to date content e.g. technology, art news etc.


Print and PR

PR and print is targeted at the older audience. The tone of voice should reflect this audience and be less playful and a lot more informative and formal.



Yes – The HIP Gallery exhibits many artists in its galleries, both international and national.


No – HIP gallery has international and national artists in the galleries.

Visual Style

Logo - Primary

Logo - Secondary

Brand Colours

When the logo is displayed on a light background, the  logo should appear in black.


When the logo is displayed on a black background, the  logo should appear in white.


When the logo is displayed on any colour background or image, the  logo should appear in its most readable format. When using dark based imagery, the white logo must be used. When using light based imagery, the black logo must be used.


This decision is left to the discretion of the designer to ensure maximum readability.

  • HEX


  • RGB

    35, 31, 32

  • CMYK

    000, 011, 009, 086


    Solid Coated Neutral Black C

  • HEX


  • RGB

    255, 255, 255

  • CMYK

    0, 0, 0, 0


    Solid Uncoated 649 U


Akzidenz Grotesk Pro Bold Condensed

Aktiv Grotesk Light

Logo Usage

The HIP logo was created to be flexible. When used with a large image, such as a poster or a header image, the long angled logo should be used.


When used in a smaller setting, such as a social media post, then the smaller square logo must be used.