Brand Role

The story

yesyesBD was established in 2013 by Jamie Cartledge and Jonathan Mackinder. The company began as a web and graphic design company with no start-up capital that operated from the back of a car. Within a year, yesyesBD had grown to a team of eight and moved into the bigger world of advertising, gaining clients such as MTV and Paddy Power along the way. In 2014, yesyesBD aquired Audiotise, an audio branding company and along with it gained an additional member of its board in the form of Wayne Willis. Jonathan Mackinder left the company in 2015 to explore new opportunities and Patrick Pretorius was added to the board, a success in the production world who had worked with the likes of Disney and Shepperton. With this, yesyesBD began looking into technology, innovation and new concepts in advertising to add to its offering. Today, yesyesBD remain an independent advertising agency who are heavily focused on creating new and innovative ideas for their clients.

What we do

yesyesBD create and manage advertising campaigns while specialising in innovative
thinking and ideas.

Our values

Our key values consist of three components:

1. To nurture and encourage creative thinking:
Our team are encouraged to think-outside-the-box when faced with creative  challenges. We aim to create solutions that innovate and promote change. To allow this, yesyesBD invest much of its time to creating environments and opportunities for its team to explore these ideas freely. We actively challenge our creatives and hire only those who show the ability and passion for creative growth.


2. To take on less and do more:

yesyesBD has and will always remain a small, independent agency. This allows us to take on less clients but spend a greater amount of time and care on the campaigns and solutions we create for each of our projects. Our entire creative team is involved in each project we take on to allow for the best possible foundations for solution finding.


3. Always be willing to change:

In the words of George Bernard Shaw; Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. In order to be truly innovative, yesyesBD and its team understand that we must be willing to change our thinking and perceived understandings. We approach every project with an open mind and are always willing to explore new thoughts.

Visual Style

Logo - Primary

Our primary logo is shown on introductory materials, this includes any branded materials that may be the first time a person is seeing the brand. This could be business cards, website home pages/splash pages, social media, emails or others.

When set on a white background this should appear with the ‘yesyes’ and ‘BD’ in the yesyesBD light grey colour with the dot in the yesyesBD blue. (see colours section for more)

If the logo appears on a dark background the ‘yesyes’ and ‘BD’ should appear in absolute white with the dot in yesyesBD blue.

If the logo is set on a coloured background then the entire logo including the dot should appear in absolute white, however this is the least desired depiction of our brand and should be avoided if possible.

Logo - Secondary

The secondary logo is a shorthand version of our logo showing only the ‘y’ from the primary brand and the dot. This must only be shown if the primary brand has already been seen. The logo should only be shown in absolute white or the yesyesBD slate grey (see colours section for more info)

Other logos (how to use with other logos)

When using our logo with other brands please allow adequate margins for clarity. We suggest a minimum space equal to the ‘y’ on all sides.  

written brand

yesyesBD should be written as seen. ‘yesyes’ is set in lowercase with ‘BD’ in uppercase. Please avoid adding spaces, yesyesBD should appear as one word. Capitalization should be avoided even if the name appears at the start of a sentence.


Please avoid changing the colours, shape or font of our logo. The aspect ratio of our brand should always be constrained and never stretched.

Brand Colours

primary colours

Our primary colour can be used in all design work using the yesyesBD brand. The yesyesBD visual identity uses monochromatic colours with small amounts of accent colour, this allows the work we create for our clients to be the loudest visual elements on any design.

  • HEX


  • RGB

    255, 255, 255

  • CMYK

    0, 0, 0, 0


    Coated 663 C

  • HEX


  • RGB

    189, 189, 189

  • CMYK

    0, 0, 0, 26


    Coated Cool Gray 4 C

  • HEX


  • RGB

    36, 36, 36

  • CMYK

    0, 0, 0, 86


    Coated Neutral Black C

Secondary colours

The yesyesBD blue is our main accent colour and is suitable for use in most design work if used sparingly.

  • HEX


  • RGB

    18, 175, 219

  • CMYK

    92, 20, 0, 14


    Coated 298 C

alternative colours

yesyesBD have a series of alternative colours which can be used in rare occasions to create high levels of contrast, this should be used very rarely.

  • HEX


  • RGB

    219, 18, 94

  • CMYK

    0, 92, 57, 14


    Coated 214 C

  • HEX


  • RGB

    193, 219, 18

  • CMYK

    12, 0, 92, 14


    Coated 2297 C

  • HEX


  • RGB

    243, 169, 9

  • CMYK

    0, 30, 96, 5


    Coated 124 C


The font family

proxima nova light

proxima nova regular

yesyesBD use the ‘proxima nova’ typeface. This is available online or via typekit. Headers and content should be set in ‘proxima nova thin’ or ‘proxima nova regular’. You should avoid using bold weights where possible.

Written style

Our personality

A personality is a combination of characteristics and qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. People have personalities but so do brands.


A brand personality is made up of  values and beliefs, the way you speak and the way you look. Your brand personality is how the world sees you, so it’s very important to keep consistency in the way you present yourself.


The yesyesBD brands visual personality is monochromatic colours with small amounts of accent colour, this allows the work we create for our clients to be the loudest visual elements on any design. This is the same for our written style or tone of voice. The tone of voice of yesyesBD is a little more expressive than the visual style and allows our values to come through.  

Tone of voice

Our tone of voice is how we express ourselves to others in writing.


The way we speak should be.

Influential, refined, sophisticated and liberal.


Influential, yesyesBD aspire to be a trusted voice in our respective field. This means that all communications should be based on research and knowledge over opinion, but opinions should not be discarded as long as accompanied by facts.  


Refined, outgoing messages should be concise and straight to the point but utilise good vocabulary. We say little, but say it well.   


Sophisticated , communications should always be written in an eloquent yet accessible tone. To show knowledge and understanding of the subject matter without pretension.


Liberal, open minded and supportive of all positive opinions, changes and life choices, if in accordance with British law. Treat the world and the things happening in it as ever changing.  

Written Copy

Copy is written in lowercase (with the beginning of sentences as caps)


Names and Job titles are to be capitalised: Creative Director, Copywriter


Full stops in acronyms are encouraged: A.S.A.P


Hyphens only to be used to join two words : UK-based

Hyphens should NEVER be used to break a word on a new line: aski-ng


Ellipses a space followed by 3 dots: tomorrow …


Profanities and offensive works can be used but should never be written in full. Asterisks should cover most of the word: F**k or Sh*t


All paragraph text is left justified where possible:

When writing numbers, one to ten should be written out: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


Numbers 11 and onwards should be written in figures:

She bounced the ball 28 times.  


All numbers at the beginning of a sentence should be written out:

Five years ago.  


Weights, times, measurements and dates should be written numerically.


Add a lowercase  ‘s’ to numerals and dates to pluralis them:

1940s, B-52s  


Decades are to be written as 80s, 90s, 00s. Centuries are to be written as nineteenth century, twentieth century.  

Writing for the web

Digital content is not the same as print content. People encounter and read it differently. Readers scan content online so copy should be concise and in keeping with the yesyesBD written brand.


Social media

When posting content on social media all posts should be interesting, on trend but most importantly in keeping to the yesyesBD written brand.

Keep in mind tone of voice, influential, refined, sophisticated and liberal when commenting on others posts. yesyesBD should only like, retweet, share content that is in fitting with the tone of voice and beliefs of the brand.


Blog post

Write in short engaging paragraphs. Be conversational and informative. Paragraphs should be kept below five or six lines where possible.


Visual Language


The frame is a visual element to be used at a designer’s discretion. The frame can be used to draw attention to its content, much like a frame on a piece of art.


business cards
Business cards will follow the minimal style of the brand. Featuring the full length logo as it is an introductory material. The padding for the content within the border should by two times the width of the frame.


The information on the business card should be minimal and only feature important information such as name, job role and contact details. Written text on the business card, excluding the logo, should be written in all caps.

letters/ envelopes

The minimum and monochrome design style should be followed. The main body of copy in the letter should be in small caps and names and titles should be all caps.

Social media

All social media platforms should follow the yesyesBD branding and it should be consistent with other online assets such as the website. All the social media platforms should look and sound the same to keep continuity in brand personality.


The avatar should be a black box with a white frame and the full logo as it is an introductory material. The cover photo or background image should be a current or relevant image of what the yesyesBD brand finds interesting or are working on. The image should follow the monochromic style and be presented in black and white. With the only colour being the blue of the dot.


If there is no image that is suitable for the cover photo or background, a white framed black image with the full logo will be featured.

Public relation documents

As professional document the style will be similar to the letter. It will feature the full length logo as it is an introductory material. All names, titles and contact details will be written in all caps and all other copy written in small caps.


Posters & Flyers

Posters and flyers should feature the full length logo as it is an introductory material. All titles and headings should be written in uppercase and further copy in lowercase.


The yesyesBD URL should be used when there is relevant and corresponding information on the yesyesBD website. The URL should appear as full and should never be broken.


Video & TV

The full length logo to be used as it is an introductory material. The yesyesBD URL should be used when there is relevant and corresponding information on the yesyesBD website. The URL should appear as full and should never be broken.

A frame is prefered but it is not essential.


Media Resources

These assets have been created to represent our brand. We have made them downloadable so you can use them if and when needed.